DVD & Blu-ray titles can contain multiple simultaneous camera angles, soundtracks, subtitles, and menus can jump the user to any point on the title. Programmability means the author can greatly enhance the viewer’s experience. And you can view all this on a DVD-Rom or Set-top DVD/Blu-ray Player.

Creating a sophisticated DVD/Blu-ray title requires a tool that has all that power, yet allows you to create intuitively and effortlessly. Dupe’s DVD Maestro & Adobe Encore CS5 authoring systems provide all the features that are most essential to corporate and commercial projects. Overall throughput is incredibly efficient, with powerful tools for laying out all the project’s assets and creating sophisticated menus. Your projects can take advantage of DVDs/Blu-ray multiple, simultaneous language and subtitle tracks, plus add compelling visuals such as motion menus and slide shows. Pop-up menus can be created for Blu-ray projects.

Dupes is number one in providing you with the premium service for professional DVD & Blu-ray authoring in Belfast.


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