The DVDs are multi-region and have been professionally authored with interactive menus &   chapter points to allow the student to easily navigate through each grading & the extra features.

Find below a sample of LOW-RES clips from the Grading Syllabus Series. Click on YouTube logo to view a larger version


10th Kyu to 7th Kyu

In addition to demonstrating the techniques required from beginner to 7th Kyu this DVD also includes, A brief history of Karate-Do, an extensive look at Stances & Weapons. Dojo Etiquette & Makiwara is also shown.


3rd Kyu to 1st Kyu

The final DVD takes the student to Black Belt level. Pressure points of the body & more advanced partner work is introduced with Ohyo Kumite & the introduction of Kihon Kumite. Kata is taken to the next level with Ku Shanku, Chinto & Seishan being taught. This DVD finishes with self - defence techniques against armed & unarmed attacks.

6th Kyu to 4th Kyu

This DVD covers all that is required upto 4th Kyu  examination.

From the basic combinations and blocking techniques the student is introduced to Ohyo Kumite & the next set of Pinan Katas. Also included is a Warming-Up & Body Development program, as well as bouts of Kumite.

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3 DISC BOX SET - £25.00



Proceeds from the sale of  Karate DVDs in aid of Ophir Karate Association.

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